Hungry For Change

Earlier this week I watched another great food documentary on Netflix. I’m a tad hooked on them right now. In Hunger for Change there were a couple of key thoughts that resonated with me. One of the people interviewed talked about how she “eats for beauty”. What she means is that as she feeds her body foods ripe with vitamins and other nutrients and in return her body tells her it is getting what it needs through a shine in her hair, strong long nails and clear, glowing skin.

Skin is the last organ to receive nutrients that are consumed. So if your skin is dull, dry, or has other issues it might be time you listen to what it is really saying. It’s not that you need to slather on body lotion but rather feed it what it and probably other organs in your body are missing.

I encourage you if you have Netflix to check out the entertaining and not too long food documentaries they have to offer. Many of them can be watched online on other sites too. Here are some of my favorites;

  • Hunger for Change
  •  Food Inc.
  • Ingredients
  • Forks over Knives

I’ll be exploring more of these movies and sharing thoughts with you. Let me know if there is favorite of yours I should be watching.

Happy Eating.


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