Cooking Tips & Tricks

Tip #1 – In all recipes on this Blog you can always add, remove or substitute meats. My preference is to save an animal and skip the meat. You won’t miss it in any of these meals as they are already packed with protein and flavor.

Tip #2 – Pick a day of the week for leftovers. It will give you a break from cooking & cleaning and will let you get rid of foods before they go bad. We have leftover night every week the night before garbage day. Whatever is left goes in the trash so our fridge is ready to be re-stocked with groceries.

Tip #3 – Make soups on Sundays and package leftovers in individual containers you can reheat at work.

Tip #4 – Pick themes for each day of the week. My favorites are Italian Mondays (generally meatless Mondays), Taco Tuesdays (anything Mexican goes), Whole-Grain Wednesdays (rice-based dishes), Leftover Thursdays, Grilling Fridays, Seafood Saturdays, and Slow Cook Sundays.


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